I've a component which loads a html page from a static resource (which will have css & js files), the following is the code. It works fine in Chrome but doesn't load in Safari and throws an error: "Failed to load resource: too many HTTP redirects"


    Lightning Container
    <lightning:container src="{! $Resource.Container + '/index.html' }" onmessage="{!c.handleMessage}" onerror="{!c.handleError}" />



  <meta charset="utf-8">

  Container Body


I'm not sure if I'm missing something to make it work in Safari also. Please suggest. Thanks.

Edit: I dont need React/Angular App, I'm simply looking for .html file in which I can use jQuery(/Froala).

  • did you ever resolve this? I am randomly having issues like this in both safari and chrome but it is not consistent.
    – Boog
    Oct 30, 2018 at 17:54

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Following these steps to remove website data for Salesforce.com I was able to at least use lightning container in Safari,


However, I am not sure if/when the issue will reproduce again and suspect this will not be an acceptable work-around when it does.

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