I plan to move to Salesforce DX, my company uses Salesforce Performance Edition which should allow 200 Scratch orgs. I enabled Dev Hub then tried to create my first scratch org, but I got following error message:

ERROR:  The signup request failed because this organization has reached its daily scratch org signup limit.

Then, I checked the limits:

> sfdx force:limits:api:display -u DevHub

enter image description here

Seems the Maximum of daily scratch org(last line) is empty, don't think that is correct. According to the document, I'm an admin user of the org, so I just need to enable the Dev Hub and no extra configurations required. We still use Salesforce classic (not Lightning), not sure if that causes the problem.

Do I miss anything?

Thanks in advance.


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This should now be fixed for everyone. If you're still seeing the issue, please contact Salesforce support. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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