Simple Code I am putting, Complex one working :(

public class Kat {

public String name;
public Integer age;

 public static void accentureDetail()
     System.debug('Anything to fix bug');


Kat d1 = new Kat();

Kat.accentureDetail(); // Not working

d1.accentureDetail(); // Not working
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    Kat.accentureDetail(); should compile and run. List the exact error message you are getting.
    – Keith C
    Commented Nov 15, 2017 at 0:15

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Your method is static so you cannot reference it from a non static context or through an instance of that class.

Leaving your class as is, this line of code should work:


You can read more here:

A class static variable can’t be accessed through an instance of that class. If class MyClass has a static variable myStaticVariable, and myClassInstance is an instance of MyClass, myClassInstance.myStaticVariable is not a legal expression.

The same is true for instance methods. If myStaticMethod() is a static method, myClassInstance.myStaticMethod() is not legal. Instead, refer to those static identifiers using the class: MyClass.myStaticVariable and MyClass.myStaticMethod().


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