I have create a invocable method for call from the flow. Now I want to create a test class.

Apex Class:

public static void Fee(List<Id> ids){
        sample__c s= [select id from sample__c  where id =: ids limit 1]; 

Test Class:

public class samp_Test {
    sample__c samp = new sample__c();
        samp .Name='123 test street';
    insert samp ;
        FeeCalc tif=new FeeCalc();


I am getting this error:

Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void Fee() from the type FeeCalc


If you define a method as static, then call it statically:

Static Method Definition

public static void myStaticMethod() { }

Static Method Call


If you define an instance method, then call it from an instance:

Instance Method Definition

public void myInstanceMethod() { }

Instance Method Call

new MyClass().myInstanceMethod();

You are trying to call a static method from an instance, which is not allowed.

MyClass instance = new MyClass();
instance.myStaticMethod(); // not allowed

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