In Salesforce Lightning Knowledge, I need to either hide the 'Draft Articles' and 'Archived Articles' List Views from Knowledge tab or hide the archived/draft articles from certain users/profiles.

How can this be achieved?



I am not sure it will work on Lightning, but in classic it works for me. Since it is driving by access rights so it should be applicable to lightning too.

This can be achieved using permission set.

Basically define set of public groups and define who can do what.

Acticle Action

Create respective permission sets for each group. Let's say "KCS Reader" only view the articles. You can see "KCS Reader" group has not been added in Article actions.

Now assign permission sets to the KCS Reader who can only read articles. Here "read" means "Published" articles as Salesforce doesn't have specific permissions for reading draft articles.

If you create profile, then only provide "Read" permission for each article types and expose extra permissions through permission sets.

It works!

  • Thanks Santanu Da for your solution. In Lightning this doesn't work. I had to delete the 'Archived Articles' and 'Draft Articles' List view and ask the users(who needed these views) to manually create these List Views with 'Only I can See' setting. Unfortunately, there are only 2 options offered for Knowledge List Views: 'Only I can see' AND 'Everyone can see'. Moreover, once Lightning Knowledge is enabled, classic list views are gone. – Abhishek Dey Nov 12 '17 at 5:17
  • Nice to know, I will look into this later when I get time – Santanu Boral Nov 12 '17 at 18:29

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