I have a Multi-select picklist in account object and I want to display the selected picklist values in contact object using a formula field. I came across many using multiple If conditions. In my scenario, I have 20+ values in Multi-select picklist, how am I supposed to do that

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    Use Case Function instead of Multiple If.. – Dhananjay Patil Nov 10 '17 at 9:42

To update a contact object formula field based on the values from the account object multi-select picklist . In contact formula field write down as


and goes on. When my formula field has more characters this is the error I faced

The formula expression is invalid: Formula is too long (6,647 characters). Maximum length is 3,900 characters . In that case, try to use trigger its a good choice.

  trigger accountTrigger on Account(after insert,after update) {
    List<contact>contactlst = new List<contact>();
    List<contact> cnt = new List<contact>();
    map<string,string> mapOfAccntIds =  new map<string,string>();

    for(Account act:Trigger.new){
        mapOfAccntIds.put(act.id, act.Multi_select__c);

    contactlst = [select id, Multi_Select_Text__c, name, AccountId from 
                    contact where AccountId IN: mapOfAccntIds.keySet()];

    for(contact c :contactlst ){
            c.Multi_Select_Text__c= mapOfAccntIds.get(c.accountId);
    if(cnt != null & cnt.Size()> 0)
    upsert cnt;
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you could try something like this:

> IF(INCLUDES( Multi_Picklist_1__c , "A"), "A", NULL)  + BR() + 
> IF(INCLUDES( Multi_Picklist_1__c , "B"), "B", NULL)  + BR() + 
> IF(INCLUDES( Multi_Picklist_1__c , "C"), "C", NULL)
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As stated in the doc...

Multi-select picklist fields can only be used in these functions:

So... if you want to stick to a formula... you are stuck with the IF-INCLUDES for each option.

You could alternative consider making a very simple trigger on before insert and before update on your parent object that writes the String with all the values into a String field, and put a formula linked to it on the child object.

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    took your advice and wrote trigger :) – SFDC Nov 13 '17 at 11:09

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