We are facing the CPU Time Limit Exceeded issue when loading an simple VisualForce Page. It is managed package which has also been installed in other orgs. While it works out find in other orgs(~4500ms CPU time), it failed in one sandbox more than 90% of the time with the CPU time limit error. For the times that it works, the CPU time is around 15000ms.

I understand that following best practices and optimizing the code would the first suggestion to take, however for the same managed package taking more than 10s CPU time in just this one sandbox org, would it still be reasonable to say the issue is caused by code efficiency?

Thanks in advance for your time.

P.S. The VF page is very simple, just a user detail page with position, contact details and such.


A very simple page taking a long time to load suggests that a bad algorithm is being used that should be fixed. Even if the page works now in some orgs, it may fail in the future if it is sensitive to the number of records in an org. And no user likes to wait many seconds for a page to load.

Google the subject. Here is one category of cause Fixing a common cause of System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded.

If you want feedback on your code and it is reasonably short post it in your question. (If it is code you don't have access to, raise the problem with the authors of the code.)

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