We have Custom Tab 'Approval Request' in our lightning application.The Purpose of this Tab is to display list of all the Pending Approval Process of all the objects.

If I want to query on ProcessInstanceWorkitem then I can query like this:

SELECT Id,ProcessInstanceId, ProcessInstance.TargetObjectId, 
                                  from ProcessInstanceWorkitem 

Similar Query we use it in our apex code.

I want to fetch the Parent Name of the Target Object so that whenever I Open the Approval Request then I can see the Parent Name of my Target Object Record.

e.g. I have a approval Request on Child object 'Potential Risk' of Parent Opportunity.So when I see the Potential Risk Record in Approval then it should display Parent Record Name which is Opportunity Name too.

I want to know if it is possible or not.As per the below link I am not able to get Parent Name of my Target object.


Can someone please suggest?

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This requires two queries because TargetObject field is polymorphic on ProcessInstance.

SFDC provides OOTB support for the TargetObject.Name, TargetObject.Type (an SObjectType) and (I can't remember) - system audit fields.

You will need to do a separate query on Potential_Risk__c using ProcessInstance.TargetObjectId to fetch any fields on the parent object

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