I have created one summary report where I am displaying average score in decimals and I have added that report on Dashboard component as follow:

Score displayed on report is 3.67 and on dashboard component it is getting rounded to 3.7 and another thing is in brackets percentage is getting displayed as (4%) , I am using "SF Report formula field" to show percentage value on report.

Two Things:-
1. How to display exact score which is displayed on SF Report like 3.67.
2. How to remove bracket value (4%) I only wanted to display 3.67

Gauge Dashboard Component

I checked options available by editing dashboard component but I din't see anything which will help me to accomplish above two things.

Please Advise. enter image description here

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Change Display Units to Whole Units.

This is not yet available in Lightning Experience, vote up the idea here. Try editing in Classic version.

enter image description here


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