Can anyone help me how to create BreadCrumb in visual page. I have searched across, found this Creating bread crumb in salesforce. Actually i don't understand form where to start with this article.

Please anyone can help.

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Your link is related to community/site.com stuff, so you won't be able to use this technology in a Visualforce Page.

You can use Community Builder or Force.com Sites to build out your Salesforce organization with custom pages and apps.

Seems like there is no native solution for VF, so you need to build it your self like others did:

    <a href="{!fooId}">Foo</a> / <a href="/{!barId}">Bar</a>

Or switch to lightning where you have a native solution:

        <lightning:breadcrumb label="Parent Account" href="path/to/place/1"/>
        <lightning:breadcrumb label="Case" href="path/to/place/2"/>

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