Can I apply Salesforce record type picklist to lookup field? I can't find any "lookup field" available for editing in Record Type.

My thought is to leverage multiple lookup fields with filtering option and a formula to achieve this. For example:

  1. Assume I have 2 record types: Big sales, Small Sales
  2. I created 1 custom object. Let's name it as MyCustomList__c
  3. In my opportunity, I created 2 custom lookup fields which will take MyCustomList__c as data source. Both custom fields are specified with corresponding lookup filtering option (Allow user to select certain lookup list based on the current record type)
    -- MyCustomList_BigSale (Only visible in BigSales layout)
    -- MyCustomList_SmallSale (Only visible in SmallSales layout)

  4. I created a formula field which will read from MyCustomList_BigSale or MyCustomList_SmallSale. This formula field will be visible in both BigSales and SmallSales layout.


Yes you can apply Lookup Field Filter based on the record Type.

  1. Go to Lookup field that you have created.
  2. Under Lookup Filter Section,Click Show Filter Section and add Record Type Field and Select the Record Type Value that you want to add.
  3. Repeat the Same for another lookup field.

When you apply the filter then you can see Big Sales Value on Big Sales Layout and Small Sales Value on Small Sales Layout.

Let me know if it helps.

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