We are having an issue with a web form built through Communities where the email field is not enforcing any validation for a customer when they complete the form.

We have a web form on a public communities page using the "Create Case Form" component, and a custom global action to default certain fields when the form is submitted. The customer can fill out the form with an invalid email (i.e. customer@email@address.com), and once submitted the form will show the customer that the Case was created successfully. On my end I am receiving a system-generated email stating that "There is an issue with This Case" with the following verbiage...

Salesforce could not create this case because of the reason listed below. We will try creating the case again. For more information about this error or help with Web-to-Case, please contact Customer Support.

Reason: support.cases.WebToCaseException: Error code=INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS, message=Email: invalid email address: customer@email@address.com, fields=[Email__c]

Record Information:

_quickActionName = New_Case_Community _record = {"Description":"Cannot login ","Name__c":"John Doe","Organization_Type__c":"Team","Issue_Type__c":"Customer Community","Role__c":"Club/Team Admin","Severity__c":"Low","Company__c":"John Doe Corp","Subject":"Log in","Case_Reason__c":"How-To","Issue_Sub_Type__c":"User Management","Email__c":"customer@email@address.com"}

Is there any way to enforce validation on the email field within the form itself so that the customer must provide a valid email address? The "Email__c" field is using the "Email" data type, and I also tried adding a validation rule as well, but neither validation is being triggered upon submission of the web form.

  • Any ideas here?? – Brandon Dec 4 '17 at 19:28

When I tried to get an answer from support on this same issue last year they told me to create web-to-case forms and replace the out of the box component. Then I can control validation for the fields.

It's crazy to me that they identify the issue and send the admin an email but don't give an option for the validation to show up to the user.

I went ahead and just created an idea since I couldn't find an existing one: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A000000lLzIQAU

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