I want to enable Dev Hub in my Production Developer Salesforce Org.

I'm in Lightning mode as an Admin. If I go to Setup, and type 'Dev Hub' in the Quick Find box nothing appears.

How can I find this?

Update 28th January 2018 : My original question stated 'Production' - it was a mistake. Edition is 'Developer'

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • I think this feature is in Beta so availability might not be guaranteed. Oct 27 '17 at 6:51
  • Dev Hub is GA now. You can find it in Setup -> Development Oct 27 '17 at 6:54
  • @MartinLezer I added two screenshots to the question
    – user12646
    Oct 27 '17 at 9:57
  • @NachiketDeshpande probably I might need a ticket for this. I was able to get a trial Dev Hub with no issues...
    – user12646
    Oct 27 '17 at 9:58
  • 1
    @Robs - I made a mistake. Checked again and it was 'Developer'. I have updated the question
    – user12646
    Jan 27 '18 at 21:17

Dev orgs don't get a Dev Hub. Only prod orgs and Enterprise demo orgs get it.

EDIT (September 2018)

Dev Hub in Developer Edition is available starting with the Winter 19 release which rolls out in October 2018. See this link for more details.


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