I keep getting a 401 response from the handshake end point https://na73.lightning.force.com/cometd/39.0/handshake after making a post request with the following header setting

Authorization:Bearer access_token

Does CometD support OAuth? If so can you provide a full example of using the Java EMP-Connector for cometd?

        "ext": {
            "sfdc": {
                "failureReason": "401::Authentication invalid"
            "replay": true,
            "payload.format": true
        "advice": {
            "reconnect": "none"
        "channel": "/meta/handshake",
        "id": "1",
        "error": "403::Handshake denied",
        "successful": false

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Forget it the HOST in the URL is wrong https://na73.salesforce.com should be used instead of https://na73.lightning.force.com/

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