I want to get the Security Token of my salesforce org. but the option is not visible in my org,

I have navigated to below path and checked, but i am not able to see that Option.

setup --> My settings --> personal --> My personal Information.

Their is no login IP ranges for my org.

How do I find out the Refresh security token.

  • Are any IP ranges specified in your user or profile? From documentation Reset Your Security Token, check if you are missing assigned permission- Factor Authentication for API Logins.
    – Raul
    Commented Oct 26, 2017 at 12:35

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Most likely it is because you are currently accessing from an IP that is within the Trusted IP Ranges (Setup -> Administer -> Security Controls -> Network Access) and Salesforce hides that option in that case.

That might explain why it is not displayed, but you can still access through the link. Just put /_ui/system/security/ResetApiTokenEdit after https://......force.com

Or... (while it still works the redirect if you don't have my-domain enabled and so on)


If you are in fact accessing from a Trusted IP as mentioned in the another answer, you can use an empty string as your access/security token as it isn't required for Trusted IPs in most cases (typically this is concatenated to your password, so you can use just your password). I found this particularly useful to remember for the Python library simple_salesforce when attempting to authenticate in a wrapper I'm working on to add some convenience methods for common operations for our "operators" aka admins.

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