When I add a custom button for use in lightning and set the Behavior to 'Display in New Window', I was expecting it to open in a new tab/window. But when I click it it opens in the current window. This happens for both VisualForce and ULR content sources. Am I doing something wrong?

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No, it's a known issue. Until it's fixed you'll need to try alternative routes.

Custom Buttons for VisualForce pages set to "Display in New Window" should open in a New Window

Summary [Lightning Experience] Custom Buttons for VisualForce pages set to "Display in New Window" open within the same tab. Expected: The custom button for a VisualForce page should open in a new window.

Repro This can be repro in any object detail page in Lightning Experience. Here I use Opp as an example.

  1. Create a Custom Button in an Opp to a VisualForce page and set its behavior to display in a new window
  2. Add the Custom Button to the Object Page Layout
  3. Open an opportunity record in SFX and click on DETAILS
  4. Find the custom button you created (should be in the page level actions bar/drop-down) and click on it.

Workaround n/a

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    Still not fixed. :-(
    – Foo Bar
    Sep 29, 2022 at 20:24

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