I have a method return type of map which I need to convert to list<Order.Product>.Here Order is main class and ProductOrder is inner class which has variables.

I have assigned the map to list in below way in test class but I am getting error as Illegal assignment from Map<Id,String> to List<Order.ProductOrder>

    List<Order.ProductOrder> ordList = OrderService.build(oIds);

Here OrderService classname and build method name which has return type Map. How to resolve this issue

  • If you're doing this in a test class, can you refer to the production class which is doing this work as well to see how the conversion is being performed there? – Mark Pond Oct 23 '17 at 19:18

In general, to convert maps to lists, you would use the map's values method:

Map<String, Integer> integersByString = new Map<String, Integer>{'a' => 1, 'b' => 2};
List<Integers> integers = integersByString.values();

If you want the keys, you need to get the key set:

Set<String> keys = integersByString.keySet();

now you can convert those to a list:

List<String> strings = new List<String>(keys);

But in your case these won't work since your map contains other types. You probably need to change the returntype of your build() method.

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