I have a new user welcome journey occurring on a daily basis which was originally built because our ETL process was handled nightly. We've now changed that to an hourly ETL process so that I can welcome the new user within an hour of their account creation.

I'm wondering if an exclusion script would allow for a delay of sending follow-up activities in the journey closer to normal working hours.

I.e. if someone creates an account at 1am, i'd be happy to send them the first welcome email at 2am. But, I don't want additional emails in the journey to be sent at 2am.

OR - would it be better to manage that occurrence in the JB wait activity.


You can use the wait feature in journey builder. In order to acomplish your use case, you will need to have a starting date (eg. my data source includes contact created date). See below for an example setup of a wait dependent on time of day. Once the contact journeys through this wait, all of the following intervals will be at a more normal hour of day.enter image description here

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