I have 2 page layouts, in PL1 had made all the fields ready only, and PL2 had all of them default edit mode, but i want some of users from Profile P1 needs edit the PL1 records fields also

I created the permission set and give the edit access but it won't work , how can make them to edit the read only PL records

  • What is the purpose of multiple page layouts? when both page layouts have same fields. any record types in place? – Sikha Baid Oct 20 '17 at 11:17
  • yes , for both layouts have different record types – sd.n Oct 22 '17 at 1:45

There's a profile/permission set permission called "Edit Read Only Fields" that allows users to edit fields on a page layout that are read only.

This will give you what you need, however the most important part of the feature is you can edit fields set to read only in field level security. So say you really don't want them to edit a specific field, you lock it down on the profile which makes you think they can't edit it. With the permission "Edit Read Only Fields" enabled they would have edit access to it.

So it's a bit risky because it's not object specific but org wide, so handle with care.


you dont need two do Page Layouts, unless you have a very specific request. PL2 should work just fine. give the read only permission on all other profiles to that object. And P1 profile should have edit access to the object that will allow them to edit the records for that record type. Any "other profile" will have read only view to that recordtype so you will be fine.


Two other options: 1. Make the fields editable on the page layout that P1 should be able to edit. Use a validation rule to prevent users from other page layouts from being able to edit them.

  1. Create a button that opens a simple VisualForce page that is only available to P1 where they can edit the specific fields they should be able to edit and click save.

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