I have an email with a dynamic content block that has 10 rules and 10 associated content blocks. When I make a change to any of the associated content blocks the content doesn't update in the dynamic content block automatically. I have to physically go into the dyanmic content block, open the rule and resave.

Is this the only way to do this? Is there a better alternative?


We have gotten around this issue by using Ampscript IF statements and code snippets, for example:

%%[ IF ( @VAR1 == 'Value1' OR @VAR1 == 'Value2' OR @VAR1 == 'Value3')THEN]%% %%=ContentBlockbyID("40312")=%% %%[ELSE]%% %%=ContentBlockbyID("40321")=%% %%[ENDIF]%%

when you do this the content is retrieved at the time of the send so the content will always be current. Let me know if this makes sense.


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