I have the following scenario please help me out:

I have a page we have used it for global actions. On click on the button on my page, i like to do the following things.

  • On click on button, if the data inserted successfully, need to navigate to detail page of the record in the console view. When i tried, it is showing Feed page by default, but client expecting the destination page to be Detail page of that record in the console view.

Here is my code:

          <apex:inputField Value="{!workInst.agf__Severity_Level__c}" required="true"/>
           <apex:inputField Value="{!workInst.agf__Subject__c}" required="true"/>

         <apex:inputField Value="{!workInst.agf__Details_and_Steps_to_Reproduce__c}" required="true"/>
          <apex:inputField Value="{!workInst.agf__Details__c}" required="true"/>
      <!--    <apex:inputField Value="{!workInst.agf__Product_Tag__c}" required="true"/>
          <apex:inputField Value="{!workInst.agf__Assignee__c}" required="true"/> -->
   <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Create" oncomplete="window.top.location='/console'; return false" />


When we use onComplete attribute of commandbutton, it change the VF Engine mode to partial page update but here you have not indicated any components ID to update partially. So you need to define rerender attribute with associated id.

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