Given this background:

  • Firstly, a workflow or something on Contact is already in place that updates Contact.High_School_Lookup__c when a user saves a change to the value of Contact.High_School_Numeric_Code__c

  • Secondly, there's a super-complex formula field Contact.Suggested_OwnerId__c that involves, among many other things, references to Contact.High_School_Lookup__r.WhatNot__c.

What people want me to code trigger functionality for is:

  • Detecting changes to Contact.Suggested_OwnerId__c -- even when they arise "downstream" from something like a change to Contact.High_School_Numeric_Code__c -- and, whenever they happen, updating Contact.OwnerId to have the value of Contact.Suggested_OwnerId__c

I can't get this thing working.

  • BeforeUpdate on Contact doesn't work when someone modifies Contact.High_School_Numeric_Code__c because Contact.Suggested_OwnerId__c isn't based on Contact.High_School_Numeric_Code__c; it's based on Contact.High_School_Lookup__c, and that value hasn't yet been set, so Contact.Suggested_OwnerId__c is old/blank.

  • AfterUpdate on Contact doesn't work because I can't figure out a way to push an UPDATE to Contact.OwnerId without getting SELF_REFERENCE_FROM_TRIGGER exceptions. (Note: I'm tired, and it's possible I have my recursion-prevention in the wrong place, but I think I have it right...)

Do I need to tell my end-users that their wish-list inherently involves too many hops of "post-processing a user-update with code-driven updates" to satisfy Salesforce and can't be done, or am I missing something?

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It's me.

Seems I didn't memorize my own lesson from when I commented "don't make your toInsert/toUpdate collection variables Static in the TidyTrigger pattern".

Yay for long walks.

It works fine now as an "After" trigger.

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