I would like to show/hide records in VF if a value exists in a multi-select picklist.

Typically to render something true or false, I use == to check. However, I can't do this with a mutli-select picklist.

Thoughts? I am thinking something like the following needs to happen:

rendered="{!IF(contactskill.areas_of_expertise__c.contains(skill), true, false)}

CONTAINS seems to be working here, its from allowed functions for Visualforce.

rendered="{!CONTAINS(contactskill.areas_of_expertise__c, 'skill')}"

Based on your requirement you can use OR or AND functions to render based on multiple values:

    CONTAINS(contactskill.areas_of_expertise__c, 'option 1'),
    CONTAINS(contactskill.areas_of_expertise__c, 'option 2')
  • This works beautifully!!!! I am very, very happy!!!!! – Michele Kleinhomer Oct 18 '17 at 0:22

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