I have field Contract End Date, Suppose Contract End Date as 12/12/2021,i have to send Email alert Notification before 3 months , How i will send, if i put 90 days means month date will differ in days, suppose month contains 30,31,28 How i will calculate 3 months before from end date, in process builder and Workflow only hours and Days are left

Is there any ways to caluculate the exact date for before three months for scheduling the Email alert Notification in both process builder and Workflow rule

In workflow rule , add time trigger option is there for time dependent workflow actions, In that Rule trigger Date denotes which date, it will denote when the rule is created date or In rule criteria some date Calculating it will shows that date?

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One way you can do that, Suppose date is 12/12/2021. Use month function of take month value and do minus 3 i.e(-3) on month that time you will get exact same value what u want but here is one problem if month is January, February, March you will get -2,-1,0 respectively in that use case function to get month name like if u get 0 assign 12 i.e(Dec) and if u get -1 value assign 11 i.e(Nov) and if u get -2 value assign (oct).

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