I have created a process builder which clones the opportunity when its 'closed won' from here

The opportunity creates fine but I want the user to either be redirected to that opportunity straight away or to show a message to give the option to proceed to the cloned page (optional)

Can this be done using a visualforce page? How do I call it from the flow?

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Through process builder its not possible as it doesn't have UI context. To accomplish this requirement there are two ways which I can think of as below :

  1. Create a Visual Force page (with standard controller) and at apex:page tag there is an attribute called Action which will call controller method. Write all your logic for cloning record and redirection in that method. Create a Custom button (Detail page button) on opportunity object and call that VF page.
  2. We can also call the visual flow form this newly created custom button. Please refer this link for more info. Here Andrew Fawcett has explained how to use the finishLocation attribute to define a URL that the Flow would navigate to after it completed.

Drawback for above approaches is that we need to manual click the custom button when the opportunity is closed won.

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