I am new to Salesforce Marketing cloud. I have configured marketing cloud connector and data is synced between SF and SFMC.

In Salesforce there are 2 sections namely Email sends and individual email sends in related list for contact.

What is the difference between Email sends and individual email sends in terms of use?

Also, if i send any mails via email sends records are getting added into Individual email sends. In which i can see some records for email sends.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.

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The Email Sends list will only populate with email sends made to individual contacts / leads. If it's added onto the page layout, you will see that Send Marketing Cloud Email link in addition to the Unsubscribe and View Analytics link -- that is the link which allows you to send to a single person.

All sends to Reports / Campaigns / Salesforce Data Extensions will populate in the Individual Email Results related list, which can also be added to any Lead / Contact page layout.


Also Individual Email Results will populate now if you send an email through a Journey, also to make sure you check the "Send Tracking Data to Sales Cloud" feature in email activity. This will also send the tracking data to Individual Email Results

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