I'm attempting to use the chat queue position as noted below, but all I'm getting is the text in testing, even when all agents are at capacity. I imagine it's something simple, but any help would be amazing! Thank you!

<table id="waitingMessage" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td><br/><br/>Please wait while you are connected to an available agent. You are currently #

Please verify if you are using this for buttons of the type Push Routing. Secondly, this tag must be used within liveAgent:clientChat

The liveAgent:clientChatQueuePosition component shows where in the chat queue a visitor is. In order for a chat to enter the queue:

1.The button from which the chat was requested must have queuing enabled.

2.All online agents (with the relevant skills, if applicable) must be at capacity, causing a queue to form. 3.The chat must be in the queue and not yet assigned to an agent.

If all three of these conditions aren’t met, liveAgent:clientChatQueuePosition doesn't display a value.

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