This is my code to Push data to Salesforce Database,

    List<String> fields = new ArrayList<>();

    smartStoreSDKManager = SmartStoreSDKManager.getInstance();
    UserAccountManager  user = UserAccountManager.getInstance();
    syncManager = SyncManager.getInstance( user.getCurrentUser());

    final SyncOptions options = SyncOptions.optionsForSyncUp(fields, SyncState.MergeMode.OVERWRITE);
    final SyncUpTarget target = new SyncUpTarget();

syncManager.syncUp(target,options,"Note", new SyncManager.SyncUpdateCallback() {
    public void onUpdate(SyncState sync) {


and im getting this exception

   java.lang.ClassCastException: com.salesforce.androidsdk.smartstore.app.SmartStoreSDKManager cannot be cast to com.salesforce.androidsdk.smartsync.app.SmartSyncSDKManager

What am i doing Wrong ? Can anyone Guide me?


This Error arised because i copied the salesforce library files from another project , creating a new project by using forcedroid and adding the necessary packages ie)our code package will resolve the problem.

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