I have a custom Javascript button on the Case object that creates an Opportunity. I am getting the error:

"A problem with the OnClick JavaScript for this button or link was encountered: missing ) after argument list"

The error message occurs when the Contact record Name includes a single quote (e.g., D'Ambro). Does anyone know what I can do to fix?

if (typeof(srcUp) == 'function')
srcUp('/006/e?retURL={!Case.Id}&accid={!Account.Id}&RecordType=012a0000001Fsxa&opp11=Quote&00Na000000BODU0=Small Quote&opp3={!Case.Account} - Quote&opp9={!TODAY()+30}&CF00Na000000BAz6W={!Case.Contact}&ent=Opportunity');
window.open('/006/e?retURL={!Case.Id}&accid={!Account.Id}&RecordType=012a0000001Fsxa&opp11=Quote&00Na000000BODU0=Small Quote&opp3={!Case.Account} - Quote&opp9={!TODAY()+30}&CF00Na000000BAz6W={!Case.Contact}&ent=Opportunity');

Take a look at this documentation:


Encodes text and merge field values for use in JavaScript by inserting escape characters, such as a backslash (\), before unsafe JavaScript characters, such as the apostrophe (').

Try updating your {!Case.Contact} references to "{!JSENCODE(Case.Contact)}" in your window.open and srcUp method.

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