Im storing Different types of Notes inside the SmartStore , currently im able to retrieve all the data from the smartnote table , but i need to use the Where condition to Retrieve a type of note. so i tried using

QuerySpec.buildSmartQuerySpec("select {Note:type} from {Note}" Where type='Uncategorized'", 1) but its not working im getting null value as result, so i tried using

                    "Note","type","Uncategorized","type", QuerySpec.Order.ascending,1),0);

but im getting null as result , What am i doing wrong ?


Ok this Query Works to select using Where Condition

'JSONArray result1 = smartStore.query(QuerySpec.buildSmartQuerySpec
                ("select {Note:subject},{Note:note} from {Note} WHERE {Note:Type}='Uncategorized'", 2000), 0);'
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