Scenario- When user registers through website(built with Django), his/her name, email address and activation link are temporarily stored in a custom object. The activation link is populated by Django and we are storing the same in a URL type field (Activation_Field__c) in Salesforce. An activation email should be sent to the user along with the activation link. I created a custom email template with HTML body. Issue: I tried with href="{!Custom_Object_Name__c.Activation_Field__c}" in button tag still the button is not clickable![enter image description here]1

How can I insert the merge field to be clickable link for button tag in email template?

P.S. I'm using Custom Email Template (without letterhead). So I don't have option of "insert link".

Edit- I want the functionality of anchor tag with look and feel of button tag. How do I achieve this?


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Firstly, thanks all for the inputs.

I implemented the HTML anchor tag and styled it with some CSS to look like a button. Though, the underline of anchor link still appears!

I'm still welcome for suggestions to implement the merge field as clickable button in button tag to be used in email template :)

  • You can remove the underline in anchor link by <a href= 'given any reference link' style='text-decoration:none';/>.Removes your underline. Apr 24, 2019 at 5:00

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