I cannot press backspace in a <div contenteditable="true" /> in Service console. I would like to.

The reason, as far as I can tell, is that in ServiceDeskViewCTI.js, there's the following line of JS:

Sfdc.on(document, "keydown", function(a) {
    var b = document.activeElement ? document.activeElement.tagName.toUpperCase() : !1;
    !("INPUT" === b || "TEXTAREA" === b) && 8 === a.keyCode && Sfdc.Event.preventDefault(a)

I think I have seen similar code elsewhere referencing the method Sfdc.support.servicedesk.isInputFocused, which similarly defines an input as <input> or <textarea>.

How do I solve this?


While writing up this question, I did discover an answer, but perhaps not the best. I added the following to my code (I was already using jQuery):

  $('[contenteditable=true]').keydown(function (e) {

This stops the event from propagating to the document where Salesforce binds the method that calls preventDefault.

  • I had similar issue when using formbuilder.online in my website and your fix worked! thank you. – hriziya Jun 14 '19 at 13:27

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