I just checked the Lightning component docs and found this:

An expression uses a value provider to access data and can also use operators and functions for more complex expressions. Value providers include m (data from model), v(attribute data from component), and c (controller action). This example show an expression {!v.num} whose value is resolved by the attribute num.

I've never seen {!m.fooBar} where is this used and what kind of Data/information is stored in m? couldn't find anything in google.

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    According to this answer here on a similar question. It is deprecated. – JRiffe Oct 9 '17 at 14:30

"m" has been deprecated, as mentioned in the other answer, but you can always look at Value Providers for a current list, which includes c, v, globalID, $Label, $Browser, $Locale and $Resource. You can also write your own value providers as I demonstrated here and Mohith demonstrated here. Custom value providers may be useful if you want to implement brand-new features into your markup via expression evaluation.


The model value provider seems to be deprecated. The docs recommend that you don't reference it or it could cause your code to break:


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