We had an administrator who worked in our company for a certain period and there are a lot of things associated with his account. E.g. workflow rules, record owners, external services which use his account to login.

He has left the company for more than half a year now and we are planning to remove his account to reduce cost. So my question is what areas should I be looking at in order to safely deactivate his account?

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See Considerations for Deactivating Users and Why can't I deactivate a system administrator?. I will not replicate these lists in full, because the links are a lot more descriptive, but here's an abbreviated list of things you need to check/be aware of.

Things that can prevent disabling administrators:

  • Users in custom hierarchy fields

  • Workflow email alert recipients

  • Customer Portal Administrator users

  • Default Web Creator

  • Lead Process

  • Assignment Rules

  • Auto Response Rules

  • Update Reminders

  • Big Deal Alert

  • Auto Response Rules

  • Assignment Rules

  • Support Settings

  • Default Case Creator

  • Automated Case Owner

  • Task Assigned to the User

  • Email Sent to the User

  • Default Workflow User

  • In an Approval Process/Approver/Delegated Approver

Other concerns:

  • Accounts and opportunities owned by deactivated users

  • Territories and forecasting

  • Opportunity and account teams

  • Account teams

  • Opportunity teams

  • Delegated external user administrators

  • Salesforce Files

  • Created By fields

  • Record access

  • Thanks for that. If I understand correctly, this list doesn't cover external services using his credential?
    – Lance Shi
    Oct 9, 2017 at 0:34
  • Not that it matters now but this is an excellent reason why a dedicated api user account should be created for integrations and not use a user account
    – Eric
    Oct 9, 2017 at 0:44

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