I am just getting started with sfdx and trying to retrieve all the metadata present in my sandbox using the command sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve --retrievetargetdir force-app. It runs fine and creates a zip file called unpacakged.zip but no metadata in it.

How do I configure so that it retrieves all the metadata present in my sandbox(not scratch org)?

This is what my folder structure looks like:

├── config
│   └── project-scratch-def.json
├── force-app
│   ├── main
│   │   └── default
│   │       └── aura
│   ├── package.xml -> Created by retrieve command and it is plain 
│   │                   package.xml
│   └── unpackaged.zip -> Created by retrieve command but no metadata 
│                         in it.
├── README.md
└── sfdx-project.json

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You do not need to use unmanaged package , if you have package.xml in your root folder of the project try the below

sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve --retrievetargetdir force-app  -k package.xml

Its clearly documented here on what parameters retrieve command can take

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    Thanks, I will try. I looked at the documentation but didn't know manifest file means package.xml file.
    – javanoob
    Oct 7, 2017 at 0:55

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