With Winter '18 SF has added checkboxes to object lists in LEX, with some built in mass actions. Is it now possible to add a mass action to invoke a custom Lightning Component from the same list?

I've looked through the release notes, but couldn't find if this is yet possible.

Maybe this feature was added previously?

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Nope, no lightning yet, onClick JS > Visualforce is supported

Here is Search Layouts > Create a List View Button

To add to woes List, a quick look at the List View Lightning component doesn't seem to support multiple record select, even though it has in-line edit. First pic is the standard list view, second pic is the lightning component list view

Here is an Oppty Standard List View, it has multi record select

and here is the same view

  • Two years out, has this changed?
    – nbrown
    Dec 4, 2020 at 15:09

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