I have a time based workflow but the criteria I have set up is not being evaluated to true even though the results are the value that I believe them to be. Here is the debug log showing the workflow formula and results:

12:04:46:282 WF_FORMULA Formula:AND(ISPICKVAL(Management_Response__c,""), 

Management_Response__c is a picklist and I am checking to see that nothing has been selected and Management_Response_Detail__c is a textarea and I am also checking to make sure it has not been filled out.


You should use the ISBLANK function instead of ISNULL. You get the wrong results for text otherwise.

See this much better answer for more explanation ISBLANK vs ISNULL

  • If the next line in the debug log does not say it evaluated to false - is it assumed to have evaluated to true. Because now I get no indication of whether it passed or failed and no actual display of the values they equated to. – Chris Nov 8 '13 at 17:32

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