I am working to integrate my Java application with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Searching about it, I saw that there is a very nice JS library, JSforce but I could not find anything similar for Java.

Do you know if such library exists for Java?


There is a Java WSC (webservice connector)


I have used it in past , pretty much gives you all the methods that are available in SOAP api, but its not as verse as JSForce.

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  • it's shameful that that's the official way to connect to salesforce on java – 7ynk3r Apr 8 at 0:07

There is FuelSDK.


This SDK is more complete than the accepted answer (which is now outdated).

From the link:

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Java SDK enables developers to easily access the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) via the Java platform. Among other things, the SDK:

  • automatically acquires and refreshes Marketing Cloud access tokens

  • enables developers to access both Marketing Cloud SOAP and REST APIs in the same session

  • exposes simplified versions of the most commonly used Marketing Cloud objects and methods as Java native objects

  • provides passthroughs so developers can access the full REST and SOAP APIs directly when they need to go beyond the simplified interfaces

  • adds "sugar" methods for the most commonly used Marketing Cloud features that make it easy to use those features (e.g., the SDK provides a SQL-like interface to data extensions)

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