Is a managed package still needed to get up and running with CPQ? (formerly SteelBrick)

I installed this package in our sandbox:


I see a new "Salesforce CPQ" app in the app selector, but it is unclear how to assign a license to a user. There is a YouTube video that shows a "Manage Licenses" link on the "Installed Packages" page and I do not see that link.

I realize that this is a huge product, so I am just trying to make sure I have the basics installed correctly at this point.

This is what the package looks like from the "Installed Packages" section of the app:

Salesforce CPQ


Sandboxes do not require you to assign licenses. All uses are essentially given a license and there will be no manage license link in the sandbox

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  • But the managed package installation is still required, correct? – dana Sep 28 '17 at 21:26
  • @dana - as far as I know yes – Eric Sep 28 '17 at 21:27

From what I have observed, in sandbox, salesforce CPQ doesn't give you the link for Manage licenses.

Please see below screenshot from my production

enter image description here

I checked in my sandbox and even I don't have manage license link.

Also while installing, below options are given to you to ensure CPQ/ any managed package is installed for required users

enter image description here

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