I'm working on a Einstein Analytics project, and I'm trying to get some bindings to be assigned to variables.

"q = load \"Dataset\";
 _value = foreach q generate ({{cell(S_Amount__1_USD.result, 0, \"sum_S.Amount_c_USD\" ).asObject()}}); 
_target = foreach q generate ({{cell(TargetToDateSAQL_USD.result, 0, \"count\" ).asObject()}}); 
a = (_value / _target) as 'calc';
a = limit a 1;"

Unfortunately this is not working. The error I receive is the following: Syntax Error at position 255 after token as a⇾s⇽


You should be able to call the bindings in the calc field itself.

q = load \"Dataset\";
a = foreach q generate ({{cell(S_Amount__1_USD.result, 0, \"sum_S.Amount_c_USD\" ).asObject()}} / {{cell(TargetToDateSAQL_USD.result, 0, \"count\" ).asObject()}}) as 'calc';

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