I am able to see shared Data Extension folder in my account but i am not able to see any Share option visible in DE properties or anywhere like in Email Studio->Content . How can i share a Data Extension to different BU.


Copy + Paste from documentation

Data Extension Permissions is a tool to control business units access to shared data extension. By checking the box next to a permission, you can enable or disable that permission.

1.Click Subscribers.

2.Click Shared Data Extension.

3.Select the data extension name.

4.Click Permissions.

5.Select the checkbox next to the names of the business unit to set or change permissions for. When multiple business units are selected, existing permissions do not display. To review a specific business unit's permissions, only select the checkbox next that business unit.

6.Click Edit.

7.Set to allow or deny actions the business unit can take on the data extension.

8.Optionally, set a Start Sharing and End Sharing date.

9.Click Save.

For Content,

  1. Sharing components from existing Business Units: a. Ensure that the BU has access to the shared folder i. While in the parent business unit, Navigate to content builder

ii. Click on “Shared” in the left-hand panel.

iii. Right click the folder that with the shared content and select “Modify Sharing. iv. Select the BU that requires the sharing permission.

b. To share components, add contents to the sharing folder: i. Select the component you want to share the Content Builder Grid. ii. Expand on the drop-down menu by the item iii. Select Share Select business units that can access the component.


  • Thanks for the Info it's really helpful. I have shared the DE with the a Particular BU. But not able to see the DE in the BU i shared with any thoughts. I replicated all the above steps. – deepak reddy Sep 27 '17 at 14:11

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