Has anyone been able to get the new components in the Winter '18 release to work? I updated my component to the latest API and could not get it to work.

Also, is there any documentation giving examples of how the new tags can be used?

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Here's a sample of code:

<lightning:progressIndicator type="path" currentStep="step2">
    <lightning:progressStep label="Step One" value="step1"/>
    <lightning:progressStep label="Step Two" value="step2"/>
    <lightning:progressStep label="Step Three" value="step3"/>

You can specify two types:

  • base: basic progress bar with steps
  • path: the path with steps used for example on the opportunities

Use the currentStep attribute to specify the current step value.

The documentation is available here:



Don't forget to change the API version of your Lightning component to 41 if you created the component before the Winter18 release.

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