Why do users have to switch from lightning to classic to get access to the Recycle bin. Is the Recycle bin not supported in lightning?


We are looking for this change but found some workaround to fix this. Because it is highly required for my client. 

Workaround: Redirect to salesforce classic recycle bin on click of custom tab. 

Steps 1. Created a visualforce page. VF Page Name: RecycleBin

<apex:page controller="RecycleBin" action="{!redirect}">

Step 2: Created a controller

public with sharing class RecycleBin {
    public PageReference redirect() {
        PageReference pg = new PageReference('/search/UndeletePage');
        return pg;

Step 3. Created a custom visualforce tab.
click on Setup-->Tabs-->scroll down to visualforce tab-->New-->select RecycleBin visualforce page name. and finish the tab setup for respective app.

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