Is there a way to add the custom / standard salesforce home page components from the salesforce classic to lightning pages. I am not able to see the components listed for home page under lightning pages app builder.

Then after going through certain links i understand that it cannot be done. I would like to know whether there are any lightning tags/commands which can be used directly to pull the home page components into lightning components.

Here is a sample of home page custom components which i would like to bring into lightning app builder/Page.

Home page Component in classic

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There is no way to do that!

They are totally different technologies - although they have the name components, they are different and only a manual creation of a lightning component to be like the classic home page component would give you what you want

  • Thanks for your answer. Is there any direct way to pull these custom links on the home page components into my Apex code ?
    – AjaySFDC
    Commented Oct 10, 2017 at 2:50

There is no direct one to one mapping. Some home page component have Lightning equivalents, but not all.

The ones you show in the screenshot looks like a list of links? You could either create your own custom Lightning Components and expose it to Lightning Pages or perhaps use the existing Rich Text component?


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