I have a community in Production-Org up and running.

Now I've spun a new Developer-Sandbox (no data) today.

  • Name of my new Sandbox is "comm0922"
  • The Sandbox has copied the Community to the new Sandbox
  • The new Community is listet at All Communities on comm0922
  • The new Community is editable with the Community Builder
  • The new Community has it's own URL (different from Production-Org) https://0922comm-MYDOMAIN.cs89.force.com/Community/s/

But the Sandbox-Community-URL only shows this

enter image description here


What are the exact steps I need to take on a blank new Developer Sandbox in order to see a working copy of my production community? Why I've getting the Aloha-style error, while this is a Lightning community?

What have I done so far?


It turned out, that waiting has helped.

  • I've tried it the first time after about 12 hours after the Sandbox has become available.
  • Then I got the error.
  • Then I republished.
  • Still got the error.
  • 3 more hours passed.
  • Now the error is gone - without having done anything else...

Very strange behavior...

  • I can confirm this as well - despite the Community Builder stating community was published; it took another 45 minutes before the error went away
    – cropredy
    Feb 13 '18 at 20:34

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