Everything looks to be fine, I have my filtered list with a sensable audience of 4. Everytime someone downloads the Android APP is added to the OptsIN Contacts. But notifications still not sendind. In the records it only states X Error FOR Status, without enter image description here

  • Are you sending to Android, iOS or both? – Bill Mote Sep 21 '17 at 15:56

When the device registered but you don't receive push notifications means its mostly due to incorrect Application Provisioning.

We often put wrong key in the field "API Key" for the GCM Client(Android app) enter image description here

When you provision your app using Firebase(FCM), you will get the Server key, Legacy Server key and Senderid.

The Legacy Server key is the API key to be used for the GCM Client. Make sure you have used the Legacy Server Key.

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