EDIT 2: Apparently Apex has no idea what escaping character is... after I removed manually all '\' from that JSON, it worked.

I know this question was asked tens of times, but so far nothing works for me. I have a simple JSON from external application like this one:

"[{\"Birthdate\":\"2004-11-11\",\"City1\":\"city1\",\"City2\":\"city22\",\"Country1\":\"bg\",\"Country2\":\"BG2\",\"Description\":\"a random desc\",\"Email\":\"[email protected]\",\"Fax\":\"32424234242\",\"FirstName\":\"fir333stname\",\"HomePhone\":\"82937423\",\"LastName\":\"rggrdgr\",\"Phone\":\"4234234242\",\"PostalCode\":\"34233\",\"PostalCode2\":\"231\",\"State1\":\"gkrdg\",\"State2\":\"state2\",\"Title\":\"a very frustrated SF user\",\"MailingStreet\":\"fsdfsdfs\",\"OtherStreet\":\"fdjsnfkjsd\"},{\"Birthdate\":\"2004-11-11\",\"City1\":\"city1\",\"City2\":\"city22\",\"Country1\":\"bg\",\"Country2\":\"BG2\",\"Description\":\"a random desc\",\"Email\":\"[email protected]\",\"Fax\":\"32424234242\",\"FirstName\":\"firs444tname\",\"HomePhone\":\"82937423\",\"LastName\":\"rggrdgr\",\"Phone\":\"4234234242\",\"PostalCode\":\"34233\",\"PostalCode2\":\"231\",\"State1\":\"gkrdg\",\"State2\":\"state2\",\"Title\":\"a very frustrated SF user\",\"MailingStreet\":\"fsdfsdfs\",\"OtherStreet\":\"fdjsnfkjsd\"},{\"Birthdate\":\"2004-11-11\",\"City1\":\"city1\",\"City2\":\"city22\",\"Country1\":\"bg\",\"Country2\":\"BG2\",\"Description\":\"a random desc\",\"Email\":\"[email protected]\",\"Fax\":\"32424234242\",\"FirstName\":\"firstn555ame\",\"HomePhone\":\"82937423\",\"LastName\":\"rggrdgr\",\"Phone\":\"4234234242\",\"PostalCode\":\"34233\",\"PostalCode2\":\"231\",\"State1\":\"gkrdg\",\"State2\":\"state2\",\"Title\":\"a very frustrated SF user\",\"MailingStreet\":\"fsdfsdfs\",\"OtherStreet\":\"fdjsnfkjsd\"}]"`

And i am trying to deserialize it using: List<JSON2Apex> obj = System.JSON.deserialize(json, List<JSON2Apex>.class); and my Json2Apex class look like this:

public class JSON2Apex {
    public String Birthdate;
    public String City1;
    public String City2;
    public String Country1;
    public String Country2;
    public String Description;
    public String Email;
    public String Fax;
    public String FirstName;
    public String HomePhone;
    public String LastName;
    public String Phone;
    public String PostalCode;
    public String PostalCode2;
    public String State1;
    public String State2;
    public String Title;
    public String MailingStreet;
    public String OtherStreet;

Is is possible for the error to comes from this string coming from C# service and therefore being put inside "" quotes, instead of single one ''? And if so, how can I change that because splitting it to chars and remaking it with '' instead doesn't work.

String source = res.getBody();
    String[] chars = source.split('');
    String newJson = '';
    for (Integer i = 1; i<chars.size();i++) {
        newJson = newJson + chars[i];

The information there must be added to Contacts standard object, but I can't even extract it from that JSON.

P.S. - suggested answer didnt work.

  • according to the error message, I would assume that you will need to loop over your list to fill in the map
    – Novarg
    Sep 19, 2017 at 14:45
  • The data you have doesn't look like a map - try creating a map with the element type you are looking for, and serialize it, then compare it to the json you currently have. Sep 19, 2017 at 14:55
  • You have totally changed your initial question, making my answer as invalid, better post your initial question here, close it and raise a new question, otherwise members will get confused why did they voted my answer which was acceptable. Sep 20, 2017 at 14:19

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Invalid conversion from runtime type List to Map

So it is expecting a List which you are typecasting to a Map that's the issue. The thing that makes it a List is the fact that the JSON String starts with [ and ends with ]. Those delimiters are used to indicate a List (or Array if you prefer) in JSON.

I think you need to deserialize as below:

String str = response.getBody();

List<Contact> lstContact = (List<Contact>) JSON.deserialize(str, List<Contact>.class);

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