I have setup the the CPQ as below.

1 Bundle with 1 Configuration Attribute (Picklist With Regions) and 1 Configuration Attribute (Number - Total Volume). 4 Products in above Bundle.

The functionaltiy I am looking for is to have the Total Volume split amoung the 4 products based on the region selected.

For e.g., based on the below lookup table, when Sales Rep selected Region as United States, then the 4 products respective volumes should be updated based on the percentages of total volumes

Region                 Product1  Product2  Product3  Product4
United States       10%         20%         40%          30%
United Kingdom   20%        30%          20%          30%

I have tried Configuration Rules - It has the ability to show and hide but not exactly update the data.

Any idea's or resolution is highly appreciated.


Regards, Lakshman


You can use a Price Rule. However, if you are updating in the configurator you can only update Quantity and Unit Price so you'd probably need to do the update on the Quote Line Editor.

There's no other way to update fields within CPQ's configurator.

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