I have been searching for days and trying different methods with no luck to my problem. You are welcome to link me to something but I have probably already looked.

My issue / steps are:

  • Trying to get an access_token with refresh_token from a JS browser POST
  • Initial POST works fine but never returns a refresh_token
  • Tried adding to the POST 'scope=full refresh_token' and many other combinations
  • On salesforce.com the connected app has 'full api refresh_token offline_access'
  • Token expires set to 1 hour

It never returns the refresh_token :S is it meant to? If not how do I get one for without using a web app?

Also when I include scope=full refresh_token on my post I get the following errors:

error=invalid_scope&error_description=the%20requested%20scope%20is%20not%20avai lable

When not using scope the implicit token works on api calls until it expires.

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