I intend to Create a Send Email - Custom Action on a Custom Object, but New Action screen does not show Email as an available Action Type.

Is there something that need to be configured for Creating a Custom Email Publisher Action for a custom object?

I've verified, Activities is enabled on the Custom Object, and I'm working in a Developer Organization (if there is a certain setting specific to Developer orgs).

Note: In the Organization I can see the Send Email as a Global Action. And Also I can see the Send Email Action available in Custom Object Page Layout as well, but when I go in to Create a new custom action, I don't see 'Send Email' as available Action Type.

Here is how the Create Action screen looks like in my org:

enter image description here


Your org doesn't have email-to-case enabled. If you enable email-to-case automatically Send Email action will be available.


Send Email is available across all objects

Send Email Action

  • I enabled it, but I don't see the "Send Email" action in Action Type list. Though I would like add more info here that, "Send Email" is available as Global Action without "Email-to-case" enabled, just not available on Custom Object as Action Type when creating new Action. – VarunC Sep 13 '17 at 7:18

It is available by default for all objects, screenshot is below - enter image description here

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